Yuna Lee-Kamiya
Biographical information


Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information

The New Jedi Order era, Praetorian era


The Jedi Order, The New Empire, Dark Jedi


Yuna Kamiya is a Jedi Knight, formerly trained by Kale Kamiya. Not only is she attractively appealing, but her wit and smarts match her appearance. She can be stubborn, which in turn gets her into difficult situations. Alek Matayo at one time possessed Yuna, making her turn on her master and others. She was eventually subdued by Kale himself, and soon afterward fought back and destroyed Alek's hold on herself. She has recently returned from a journey, in search of her past. She was one of the few padawans who were actually adept at handling a double-bladed lightsaber, although she only uses the second configuration of her saber when necessary. Both Kale and Yuna have developed a relationship between each other. Although there were only a few that knew, they both did not intend to keep it a secret, especially to the Jedi Order. Jedi Councilman Sarran Kyzak has approved of their wish to marry, and they have done so.

Yuna has recently made the decision to become a Dark Jedi and is now an apprentice of Kiser Darksaber.

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